Monday, 1 June 2009

A guide to slow travel, remote places, good food and culture in the United Kingdom

Hello, and welcome to my blog about travel in the United Kingdom. I've lived here in Britain for many years, and I'm still exploring. I hope this guide will help you explore wonderful places, too - places in Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland. (And some in the Republic of Ireland, too, but I didn't want the title to get too unwieldy.)


  1. Great, where are you reporting on first - I look 4ward 2 reading.

  2. Sorry not to reply sooner, Miss Mapp. I've just finished a rather intensive period of work, and I'm just getting back to my blogging. I was just wondering where to start when I saw your comment. While I think about how to organise the masses of experience living and travelling in Wales, I could start with my recent short break in Lincolnshire... yes, not the most visited place in Britain. I think I'll start there. Thanks for wanting to read!